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Preview Nick Carter’s TV Show “I Heart Nick Carter” Coming Soon To VH1!

Nick Carter And Lauren Kitt

We would like to give a big shout out to our friends the Backstreet Boys who were kind enough to let us join them as we watched them start to bring their, In A World Like This tour to an end in the United States this weekend! As always BSB and their team gave us the VIP treatment as we watched them and Avril Lavigne rock the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ.

Craig Clizbe of Holding up His Backstreet Boys VIP Pass From Backstreet Boys' "In A World Like This" Tour (June 21, 2014)

Craig Clizbe of Holding up His Backstreet Boys VIP Pass From Backstreet Boys’ “In A World Like This” Tour (June 21, 2014)

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Backstreet Boys

“In A World Like This”

From:  In A World Like This

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Backstreet Boys

“Show Em (What You’re Made Of)”

From:  In A World Like This

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The world tour, which started in May of 2013 in Beijing, kicked off as a massive 20th anniversary celebration for the group. That celebration continued with the release of the group’s 8th studio album that the tour was named after last summer. In our interview from April of 2013 with our buddy Nick Carter, we chatted about the creation of the tour, album and now award winning appearance in This Is The End. It was truly something special to be a part of. News Beat: “Nick Carter Talks 20 Years With The Backstreet Boys”

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As we previously reported Nick will not take his upcoming time off from the Boys lying down. In September Nick be releasing a new album as one half of a special duo project called “Nick And Knight” with Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block. The self-titled album will hit stores on September 2nd with a tour to follow on September 15th in Nashville.

Nick And Knight 

“Just The Two Of Us”

If you “heart” Nick Carter enough to see him with both BSB and Jordan, than you may “heart” this next piece of Nick news even more! As many fans know Nick married his long time girlfriend, Lauren Kitt in April after the two became engaged at the end of February of 2013, VH1 cameras for the upcoming TV series, I Heart Nick Carter, captured The road to their wedding for all to see! The first trailer for the show hit the web earlier this month! Take a look below!

“I Heart Nick Carter” Trailer


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