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Preview My World 2.0 By Justin Bieber (A Clizbeats Featured Artist!!)

Clizbeats with Justin Bieber celebrates the release of My World 2.0, by reviewing the offical track listings and collecting all of Justin’s album cuts for you to check out so you can decide if you want to join the millions that are already buying it tomorrow.  Lets not forget that before all of this amazing hype Justin Bieber was a Clizbeats Featured Artist!  Congratulations Justin!

Listen to the different versions of our interview with JB Below:

Clizbeats Productions Inc. Presents “Welcome To My World!”

& The uncut Version

Clizbeats Productions Inc. Presents: Justin Bieber: Before He Was A Star (Extended Interview From Justin Bieber “Welcome To My World”

Track 1

“Baby” F/Ludacris

Track 2

“Somebody To Love”

Track 3

Stuck In The Moment

Track 4

“U Smile”

Track 5

“Runaway Love”

Track 6

“Never Let You Go”

Track 7

“Overboard” F/Jessica Jarrell

Track 8 F/Sean Kingston

Ennie Meenie

Track 9


Track 10

“That Should Be Me”

Bonous Track 1!

“Where Are You Now”

Bonous Track 2

“Kiss and Tell”