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Pitbull Twists A-ha’s “Take On Me” Into His Next Pop Single

Pitbull Featuring Christina Aguilera "Feel This Moment" Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/RCA Records

Pitbull Featuring Christina Aguilera "Feel This Moment" Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/RCA Records

By now it’s pretty clear that when it comes to his 7th album Global Warming, it was the intention of Latino Hip Hop star turned Pop sensation Pitbull  to continue to elevate his impact on music to an actual global scale.  To understand how he’s used Global Warming to heat up music worldwide, take a look at the track listings.  He has worked with a diverse names Chris Brown, Havana Brown, Usher, Afrojack, The Wanted, Akon, David Rush and more.  So when we heard his latest single, it made uniquely perfect sense that it was inspired, at least in part by a Norwegian synthpop band.

Those of you that already own the entire album probably know that we’re referring to A-ha, and their 1985 classic “Take on Me”.  Pitbull teamed up with the Canadian production team The Messengers, who are  behind hits like “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber, “On My Mind” by Cody Simpson, and New Kids On The Block’s “Summertime” to creatively shape an A-ha sample into a modern elctro Pop/Hip Hop hit.  The result was Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment” featuring Christina Aguilera.

The last time he sampled a classic and created a modern hit for himself was with the Global Warming album cut and lead Men In Black 3 single, “Back In Time”.  For that one he took Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange” from 1956, and flipped it into a sound that helped him break into the top 10 of the charts in 14 countries.  Will he have similar luck with this one?  Take a listen below and decide for yourself.

Pitbull Featuring Christina Aguilera

“Feel This Moment”

Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/RCA Records

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