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Phillip Phillips And American Idol’s 19 Entertainment In Lawsuit Worth Millions

Phillip Phillips/19 Entertainment logo

Phillip Phillips is at war with his former friends at American Idol. According to a lawsuit filed against the 2012 Idol champ, show production /management company 19 Entertainment claims that he owes them in back pay. The company says he’s withholding about an estimated $ 1 million. According to documents obtained by TMZ, 19 claims that Phillips stopped paying normal management fees when he filed a 2015 complaint with the Labor Commission, saying his overall contract violated California law. 19 Entertainment wants their cut.

Phillips’ complaint was put on hold when 19 Entertainment recently filed for bankruptcy. However, 19 wants to get their money while they still have a valid contract with the singer. They claim that Phillip Phillips owes them a total of $5 million for the various aspects of their deals. A lawyer for Phillip’s says 19 is just taking advantage of its bankruptcy status as a way to block the singer’s fight to get out of what he says is an unfair contract.