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Pharrell Gets His Famous Friends From Past And Present To Help Out On His “G.I.R.L.” Album

Pharrell Williams “G.I.R.L.” I Am Other/Columbia Records

As Pharrell Williams’ Despicable Me 2 hit, “Happy” continues to become one of the most played songs on Pop radio right now, we are becoming more and more excited for his forthcoming second solo album coming on March 3rd. That album, now titled, G.I.R.L. is the first to be released as a part of his new deal with Columbia Records and his own venture I Am Other. The album will feature all the things music fans have come to love about Pharrell past and present. The album will of course have Skateboard P serving as it’s primary producer, and include everyone’s favorite anthem, “Happy,” you already knew that. But did you know about some of the pretty awesome collaborations that will be on the album as well?

This project will make history with the track, “Brand New.” It is the first collaboration between Pharrell and his old friend Justin Timberlake released on an album since their Grammy Award winning work on his solo debut, Justified.(Excluding JT’s guest vocals on Snoop Dogg’s “Signs” that Pharrell produced) Pharrell very famously co produced 9 songs on that album, including Justin’s 2003 worldwide number one hit, “Rock Your Body.” As if that wasn’t enough star power for you, he also continues what he started on Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz album with “4×4” and “#GETITRIGHT”, by having her back him on the track, “Come Get It Bae.” He then keeps his 2014 Grammy party going with the robots of Daft punk by featuring them on the futuristic, “Gust Of Wind.” These collaborations then continue on the album’s hidden track, “Freq” that includes vocals by Clizbeats featured artist Jojo! For those of you who don’t already know, Jojo can be seen as one of the many cameos in Pharrell’s video for “Happy.” She also is very good friends with singer, Leah Labelle, who is signed to Pharrell’s, I Am Other label. Jojo can be seen along with him in Leah’s “Sexify” video too! Finally, last but very certainly not least of these collaborations is “Know Who You Are” featuring Alicia Keys. Alicia hasn’t worked with him much in the past, but her really hardcore fans may remember him remixing her 2002 cover of Prince’s , “How Come You Don’t Call Me.” (also featuring N.E.R.D. and Justin Timberlake) So as you can see G.I.R.L.S. is technically only Pharrell’s second  solo album, but he got all his famous friends to help him make sure it is an album that shows off all the sounds and styles that fans have grown to love from him through the years!

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Pharrell Williams G.I.R.L. Track List And Production Personel

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “Marilyn Monroe” Pharrell Williams 5:51
2. “Brand New”
  • Williams
  • Justin Timberlake
3. “Hunter” Williams 4:00
4. “Gush” Williams 3:54
5. “Happy” Williams Pharrell Williams 3:53
6. “Come Get It Bae”
  • Williams
  • Miley Cyrus
7. “Gust of Wind”
  • Williams
  • Thomas Bangalter
  • Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
8. “Lost Queen” (includes hidden interlude “Freq”[13])
  • Williams
  • Joanna Levesque
9. “Know Who You Are”
  • Williams
  • Alicia Augello Cook
10. “It Girl” Williams 4:47
Total length:


  • Pharrell Williams – lead vocals, production, executive production
  • Hans Zimmer – strings arrangement
  • Kelly Osbourne – background vocals (“Marilyn Monroe”
  • Justin Timberlake – vocals (“Brand New”)
  • Timbaland – beatboxing (“Brand New”)[
  • Miley Cyrus – vocals (“Come Get It Bae”)
  • Daft Punk – background vocals (“Gust of Wind”)
  • Francesco – electric guitar (“Gust of Wind”)
  • JoJo – vocals (“Freq”)
  • Alicia Keys – vocals (“Know Who You Are”)
  • Tori Kelly – vocals
  • Leah LaBelle – vocals

Pharrell Williams 


From Despicable Me 2/G.I.R.L.

Back Lot/I Am Other/Columbia Records

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