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Paramore Sets Records By Breaking Records In “Ain’t It Fun” Music Video

Video Still From “An’t It Fun”

Paramore released the official music video for their latest single, “Ain’t It Fun” earlier today. The track comes from their  self-titled album, which was released back in April.

The video features the band literally breaking world records. In fact, the band actually set the record for most records broken in a single music video.  Incase you were wondering, the amount is ten.  The records to keep an eye out for when watching are, fastest time to smash 30 clocks with guitars, most feathers caught in 30 seconds, most vinyl records broken in one minute, and the longest time a records was spun on one finger. There are a few other ones in there too. Watch the video and see them for yourselves. Enjoy!



“Ain’t It Fun”

From: Paramore

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