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Oprah Discovered Star Blows Clizbeats Away!

M&C with Charice cropped

Craig and Matt Clizbe of Clizbeats were absolutely delighted to have an unexpected visit to their home state of Delaware by Philippine singing sensation Charice!!!  Out of all the talented performers they met, she easily ranks near the top. Standing 4 feet ’11 inches tall, Charice humbly walks in to the studio’s of Delaware pop station WSTW FM where all the local music related press was gathered to hear her.  In a room of people 2 and 3 times her age, Charice politely bowed to everyone she met, and quietly let her record sell  her up to the room of professionals.  Her reputation of being discovered by Oprah producers on Youtube preceding, there was an eagerness to hear what she was work with.  With that said,  there was no way to be able to anticipate the kind of magic that was in store.  As soon as the play button was pressed,  Charice opened her pint-sized mouth, and proceed to shake the room with what has to be one of biggest new  voices in music history!

The guys consider it a true honor that to be able to meet Charice. Her talent exceeds that of many in the music industry, and her humble and down to earth spirt is an example for us all.  God has truly blessed her. Learn all about her in the video below.

Charice: A Star Is Born

Want More?  Check out her brand new first single below.

Charice F/Iyaz


Reprise/Warner Bros Records