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Online Sensation Karmin Releases First Major Label Single

Karmin "Crash Your Party" Epic Records Karmin “Crash Your Party” Epic Records

Many aspiring musicians have used media sharing websites such as Youtube to try and get noticed in the music industry.  One strategy that is often employed is to try and garnish some attention by uploading covers of popular songs.  The subject of our very own Clizbeats Indie Artist Spotlight for October, Anhayla, is one artist who has utilized this self marketing strategy to catch our attention.  Few artists however, have managed to capture as much national attention for their covers as Karmin.  The musical duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, who coincidentally are a couple, even caught the eye of music lover and talk show host Ellen Degeneres, who had them on her show to perform their rendition of Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now.” This remarkable cover, which we at Clizbeats in some ways consider more interesting than the original quickly shot the duo to fame   receiving over 43 million views on Youtube.

The fact that they were able to entertain millions with such ease and originality has made Karmin a dream signing for any A&R out there. Being one of the hottest new act to spring from the web in 2011 has allowed them the rare opportunity to inevitably sign what many would consider to be a dream record deal. Well the word is out that Karmin has taken full advantage of that opportunity. The viral music sensation recently inked  a major record deal over at the recently restructured Epic Records, now headed by longtime music industry executive L.A. Reid.

Their first single, “Crash Your Party” has just been released and we are completely pumped. It features the same original sound that created so much buzz for them online. The signature sound of Amy’s skillful rapping ability is showcased in a new high production presentation that shouldn’t be missed.  “Crash Your Party” also samples the classic rap song “The Choice Is Yours” made famous by the early 90’s rap duo Black Sheep.  Like their what was heard in their previous work, Karmin’s use “The Choice Is Yours” to add to the imaginative genre bending twist that has become their musical finger print.It is the perfect  introduction their major label efforts.

If you are one of the few who have yet to bear witness to the national sensation that is Karmin, here’s your chance.  Check out their first single, “Crash Your Party” as well as some of the covers they have done to help them get to where they are today below.  Enjoy!


“Crash Your Party” (With Introduction By Amy And Nick)

Epic Records

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