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Onerepublic’s New Christmas Classic: “Christmas Without You”

Ryan Tedder Of Onerepublic Introducing "Christmas Without You At The National Christmas Tree Lighting In Washington DC

Ryan Tedder Of Onerepublic Introducing "Christmas Without You At The National Christmas Tree Lighting In Washington DC

As we here at prepare to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight one of most heartfelt Christmas songs to personally touch us in recent years.  The song is called “Christmas Without You” by Onerepublic.  Most folks wouldn’t think to notice thanks to keen and steady music marketing keeping  their recent staple hit “Good Life” on our TV’s and radio’s across the country and internationally, but “Christmas Without You” marks the first original song to come from the band in nearly 3 years.

Released virally at the end of November, “Christmas Without You” got its best mainstream promotional boost when lead singer Ryan Tedder and his band mates performed the song for The President Of The United States and The First Family, at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington DC,  on December 1st. “Christmas Without You” is filled with the right balance of melody, personal reflection, and recognition of the value of family and friends during this and other  tender time’s of the year, like birthdays Thanksgiving, and Valentines Day.

Onerepublic’s tune achieves a well penned balance of vividly expressed lyric’s that conjure up  fond memories of past holidays, and  our universal want  to spend  time with that special someone. In finding this blend, the song taps into the very fabric of the holidays that is at the cultural core of this time of year.  Through the recent release of “Christmas Without You”, Onerepublic introduces us to an exciting new song, that has just the right amount of class and sophistication to trigger those nostalgic holiday feelings that come to us naturally when we normally listen to classics. It’s only a matter of time till everyone will want to add “Christmas Without You” to their  overall holiday soundtrack experience.

You guys never disappoint.  Congratulations on the truly wonderful song.  It will soon become a classic.

Check out “Christmas Without You” below

While Rehearsing “Christmas Without You”, Onerepublic caught up with “Rainbow Connection” hit maker Kermit The Frog. Below you can see everyone posing it up and having a good time.  Big thanks to Interscope Publicity for providing us with the awesome picture!

onerepublic with Kermit

OneRepublic, Run Into Kermit The Frog While Rehearsing "Christmas Without You"


“Christmas Without You”

Live From The National Christmas Tree Lighting In Washington DC