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“One Direction’s Song For Grown Up Teenaged Girls”

One DIrection Parody

"One Direction's Song For Grown Up Teenaged Girls" By

The popularity of Boy Bands One Direction, The Wanted, and even NKOTBSB is in full swing.  As this popularity grows, so too does the media coverage about them that allows us to find out all kinds of interesting little facts.  Well, when Harry Styles of  One Direction started to become just has known for dating  32 year old British TV actress, Caroline Flack, and got caught hitting on former Bachelorette reality TV contestant Jillian Harris who is also 32, it became pretty clear that he just might have a thing for older women.

Well, the people at are apparently willing to wager that their are a tone of older woman that like One Direction right back.  Last week,  the comedy website released a high quality music video Parady of One Direction’s hit, “What Makes You Beautiful”. Jest’swas called “One Direction’s Song For Grown Up Teenaged Girls”.

The video features a group of One Direction look-a-likes that sing about a 33 year old woman that is into One Direction, Pretty Little Liars Selena Gomez, Twilight, Hunger Games, and other stereotypical teenaged girl interests. By the end of the video her  guilty pleasures gets out of hand, and it’s just hilarious. The video is great fun, done very well, and is perfect for a laugh.  We think women of all ages should check it out!  Oh, guys will more than likely think it’s funny too.  Hey, Good Pop music is good Pop Music right?  Don’t feel guilty ladies. All the guys appreciate your fandom Especially Harry!

“One Direction’s Song For Grown Up Teenaged Girls”


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