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O.A.R. Is Back With New Album “King”

O.A.R. "Heaven" Wind Up Records

O.A.R. "Heaven" Wind Up Records

Alternative Rockers and Clizbeats favorites, O.A.R. are returning  to music with a brand new single, album, and record deal. As of June 7th the guys released their new song”Heaven”, to ITunes.  In no time it hit the top of the ITunes Rock Chart and number 86 on the ITunes Top Songs Chart.  Little more is available to us about the details of their new album, but we do know that it is reportedly called King, and has an expected release date in August. One thing we did notice as that was different for the band, was that that this album will be released by Indie Rock staple label, Wind Up Records instead of long time distribution partners  Lava/Atlantic Records.  As long as O.A,R. gets to put out the music they want and continue to do what O.A.R. does, we have faith that they can make any deal work in their favor.  Maybe Wind Up Records’ Indie nature is exactly what a self sufficient band like O.A.R. needs.  Either way “Heaven” doesn’t disappoint.  It is defiantly a must listen.



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Heaven by Ofarevolution