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Nicki Minaj Confronts Peter Rosenberg And Hot 97 Controversy

Nicki Minaj Talking With Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97

Nicki Minaj Talking With Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97

Nicki Minaj officially announced that she would not be returning to the judges’ panel for season 13 of American Idol this week. To us however, the biggest Nicki Minaj related story of the week had to do with her visit to New York radio station Hot 97, and their morning show host Peter Rosenberg. Nicki Minaj fans are likely to remember Rosenberg as the Hip Hop air personality that out right insulted her, when she was headlining his stations Summer Jam concert nearly a year ago.  This insult was related to the fact that Minaj was enjoying the success of her global hit “Starships” at the time, and it went against Rosenberg’s personal feelings about what he considered to be legitimate Hip Hop.

He then famously let his personal tastes outweigh his professionalism, and he went on to insult “Starships” to a packed audience, and an audience of viewers streaming live on the internet.  That insult then went out over the air, and Minaj’s Young Money Records CEO Lil Wayne heard it, and a chain reaction followed that included Minaj dropping out of the show, and having very public fights with the station and it’s staff. Now that the 2013 Summer Jam is approaching, everyone involved agreed to sit down, and clear the air about their issues that stem back to that now infamous day.  You can watch the unfiltered, uncut, 28-minute discussion below.

We think that this interview is intense, interesting, and a great example of how speaking publically without forethought can cause infamy. The in-depth discussion also allows us to see Nicki in a more completely   humanized context.  She explains very clearly how her artistic mindset goes far beyond Rosenberg’s ridged perspective on what fits modern Hip Hop culture. Music fans aren’t going to want to miss it!  For more context on what caused all of this, check out our June 2012 coverage by clicking here!

Nicki Minaj Clears The Air With Peter Rosenberg(Explicit)

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