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Nick Jonas Goes Solo….again

Nick Jonas & The Administration "Who I Am" Hollywood Records

As many of you already know from watching this years Grammy Nominations special on CBS, Nick Jonas of the Pop/Rock family band, The Jonas Brothers is going solo. Well….sort of. For those who do not already know, it is Clizbeats pleasure to introduce you to Nick Jonas & The Administration. It is a new solo project from the youngest member of the brothers.

Nick and the Administration will be releasing their first album in February of next year via Hollywood Records! Their first album is, Who I Am a project that Nick recorded in just eight days with producer John Fields. Fields is also the Bass player in Nick’s administration! Other members of the band include drummer Michael Bland and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, both of whom played in the New Power Generation. Guitarist David Ryan Harris played on the album, but a third former NPG member, Sonny Thompson, will replace him when performing live.

As many Jonas fans already know, Who I Am is actually Nick’s second solo album. His first album, Nicholas Jonas was released in November of 2004, prior to the conception of the “Jonas Brothers” as a band. Nick was originally signed to Columbia Records spring boarding off of his success on Broadway.  Columbia gave Nick’s debut album a very limited release and eventually he and the Jonas Brothers were dropped from Columbia due to executive changes over at Sony Music. Obviously the Brothers would move on to Disney’s Hollywood Records and become a massive success. But with that said their time with Columbia was not a total loss, The original version of the Brothers’ hit “When You Look Me In The Eyes” can be found on Nick’s solo album. It can now Be found on their 2007 self titled album for Hollywood Records.

Nick Jonas & The Administration represents the growth and maturity of  an already very talented performer! It appears to be a very personal project for Nick, and it appears his fans really like it. The album’s title track, Who I Am was released digitally yesterday and is already making its mark on the ITunes chart! Congrats Nick! Keep up the good work! Check out the debut single from Nick Jonas & The Aministration, “Who I Am.”

Nick Jonas & The Administration

“Who I Am”

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