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Nick Carter’s Solo Album “I’m Taking Off” Now Available In The US!

Nick Carter "I'm Taking Off" Kaotic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

Nick Carter "I'm Taking Off" Kaotic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has been particularly busy lately.  After talking exclusively to us in an audio documentary feature currently in production, we learned all about his international touring to support his growing solo career, his highly anticipated sold out tour with his Backstreet Boy group mates and fellow 90s boy banders New Kids On The Block as The pop super group NKOTBSB, and how he has used the creation of his second solo album to help to reflect on and come to terms with being a Backstreet Boy that has grown to now try and stand on his own as a man.   Already a respected success through a limited release internationally, today marks the US release of that album called I’m Taking Off.  Take a listen to the album’s first single “Just One Kiss” to get a taste of what he has to offer.  Below you will find the “Just One Kiss'” music video and the video for  “Beautiful Lie”, a song released in 2009  by pop singer Jennifer Paige that features one of the few guest appearances of Nick Carter as a solo artist.

Nick Carter

“Just One Kiss”

From I’m Taking Off

Kaotic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

Jennifer Paige Featuring Nick Carter

“Beautiful Lie”

From Best Kept Secret

Glor Music Production