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New Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris’ Open Letter To His Staff!

Sony Music Entertainment
Sony Music Entertainment

While we were on 4th of July  holiday many big things took place in the music industry.  One of those things is former head of Universal Music Group, Doug Morris taking his newly acquired position as CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.  As he prepares to take the reigns he wrote an open letter to his new staff to help spread what appears to be true excitement for running Sony.  We posted it below to help you stay up on everything in the biz.

“As I begin my new tenure as CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, I want to let you know how pleased and excited I am to be here, and how much I look forward to getting to know everyone in the days and weeks to come. I know there has been some uncertainty in the last months, but starting now, we begin a new and important chapter in the history of our great company.

“These are challenging times for our business, but I strongly believe that this is our unique opportunity to make Sony Music the very best in the industry. A company with exceptional artistry and great talent will excel and thrive, and we have the assets and resources in place to do just that. I urge each of you to realize the potential of this moment by committing yourself more than ever to developing great music and creating vital new business models. There is no limit to what we can, and will, achieve together.