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New Music Now: The Story Of The “Furious 7” Soundtrack!

Once again, its #Newmusicmondy, and that means its time for another episode of your favorite new YouTube show “New Music Now.” You may remember from last week’s feature about Snoop Dogg that we highlight some of today’s new songs, and explain why we’re so excited about them. This week, we explore the soundtrack to the highly anticipated film, Furious 7. Like with the soundtracks from the past, the sound of Furious 7 has an energy to it that matches what we get on screen. It has a little something for everybody and features the touching tribute to the franchise’s fallen star, Paul Walker.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is assisted by newcomer Charlie Puth to perform “See You Again”, a reflective piece of pop music art that morns the real life tragedy that Vin Diesel and the rest of the ensemble cast have been coming to terms with since Walker’s death on November 30th 2013. The song provides a texture of realism that fans seem to be relating to immediately. In addition to serving as a great launching pad for YouTube star turned Atlantic Recording artist Charlie Puth, “See You Again” is also building up to be a major crossover hit for Wiz Khalifa. So check out our latest episode of New Music Now to learn all about why  “See You Again” is sure to be a song that will go down in “Fast And Furious” history. Enjoy!

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