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New Music From Nick Carter & New Kids With Backstreet Boys



We would like to give a shout out to Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys for calling into on Friday. In an interview that is coming soon, Nick talks about his life growing up as a Backstreet Boy, the controversies surrounding his turbulent family life, his solo album, I’m Taking off, and of course the sold out summer from his group The Backstreet Boys, and fellow boy band phenomenon New Kids On The Block.

This tour is so highly anticipated that both groups have come together to  form the pop supergroup “NKOTBSB”.  This union was made that much more official with the release of their jointly recorded hot new single, “Don’t Turn Out The Lights.”  Both “Don’t Turn Out The Lights” and Nick’s current international solo hit, “Just One Kiss” are prepping to make an impact on the US!  “Just One Kiss is available for purchase today! Click here to get your copy!   Check the songs below.  Enjoy!

Preview Clip of

“NKOTBSB” (New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys)

“Don’t Turn Out The Lights” (Quicktime)

Columbia/Jive Records/Sony Legacy

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Nick Carter

“Just One Kiss”

From: I’m Taking Off

Kaotic Records/Sony Music Entertainment