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New Diddy Single “Love Come Down”

Dirty Money

Dirty Money

Diddy and the rest of his Dirty Money crew have been making a lot of buzz with their new hot single “Love Come Down”, which was first heard on MTV’s, Making His Band in between commercial breaks. It is now on the buble to blow up as Diddy & Dirty Money’s second official single from their forthcoming concept album, Last Train To Paris due in stores now in April of 2010. “Love Come Down” is the first single promoted and released under the new joint venture between Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records.

The album’s previous single was serviced under Diddy’s previous partnership with Atlantic Records, until he quickly left them all together upon the expiration of their contract. “Love Come Down” is definitely a strong choice to start his partnership with Interscope Records! It has a progressive melodic sound combined with a classic Jay-Z sample Hip Hop style.

Diddy-Dirty Money

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From Last Train To Paris

Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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