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New 50 Cent Documentary “50 Cent The Origin Of Me”

When asked about the history of rapper 50 Cent, many music fans recognize him as the rapper that was shot 9 times, lived to tell about it, and made records cultivated off of the mystique of of his gansta persona.  Fans in many cases also know that he was raised in Jamaica Queens New York, and after losing his mother to a violent drug related murder, he eventually set out into the drug trade himself before falling into the right contacts in the rap game.  Fewer fans know that he also lived in South Carolina for a short time when he was adopted by his grand parents.

Well in an effort to let fans know more about him, and have him Know more about himself  he teamed up with VH1 to release his own documentary called 50 Cent The Origin Of Me.  In The film 50 unexpectedly traces his liniage of his heritage back 200 years on a personal journey to know who he really is.  50 Cent’s The Origin Of Me airs as a part of Rock Docs on VH1 This Monday, May 23rd.  Check out the trailer below.

“50 Cent: The Origin Of Me”