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Naughty Boy Discusses Working With Beyonce And His Fallout With Former One Direction Member Zayn Malik

DJ/Producer Naughty Boy is buzzing across the blogs thanks to his recent chat with The Guardian about working with Beyonce, and the status of his relationship former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan gushed about his love for Queen Bey, and their collaboration, Runnin (Lose It All).

“There’s no point in me getting fangirl about it,” he says about his chat . “It’s unprofessional. She’s the queen. You don’t ask the queen to be on your song, but…yeah, we spoke for 20 minutes. … It’s boss s***. She just signs off with a B.”

To talk 20 minutes uncut about projects with the one and only Mrs. Carter is a true accomplishment for a producer like him, who is clearly on the rise. However, as his interview continued, it became clear that his now infamous falling out with One Direction ex Zayn Malik still haunts him.

“People thought we were cooking something, plotting — we were just chilling. Swear,” Naughty Boy shared. “He just left the biggest pop band in the world, he needed a mate and I was a mate. We’re not the kind of business-savvy heads people were assuming we were. We were in a bubble and didn’t realise the magnitude. … With Zayn, it was different because we were genuinely best friends doing the best friend thing.”

Naughty Boy insists that he didn’t leak their collaboration, indicating that he clearly wants the two of them to rebuild their friendship.

“I think Zayn’s incredibly talented and his voice is amazing and the world doesn’t know that yet,” he said. “The world doesn’t know how gifted he actually is, so I think the best thing for him to do now is to go a bit radio silent and let the music do the talking, because then he won’t have to get into Twitter wars with Calvin Harris or me, or whoever. There’s no music out there, so right now he’s just the guy who left One Direction, but I know different, because I know him.”

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