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Music Of Furious 7 Ends Wiz Khalifa’s Custody Battle With Amber Rose

Amber Rose With Wiz Khalifa

In case you missed it, TMZ scored a cool exclusive about Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, and The Furious 7 soundtrack. Those of you that read TMZ are likely to remember that Wiz and Amber were in the middle of a bitter custody battle over their 2 year old son son Sebastian after a very public break up. It was an extremely tense situation with both trashing each other  on their various social media platforms, essentially calling each other bad parents. That tune changed after Wiz asked Amber to listen to “See You Again”.

According to the exclusive, Amber listened to Wiz’s contribution to the  Furious 7 soundtrack, and was moved by “see You Again”‘s  family oriented lyrics. The report states  that she then called Wiz with tears in her eyes, agreeing to co-parent their son through shared custody. For more specific details about “See You Again”, cheek out Wiz’s edition of our new You Tube show, New Music Now here. Enjoy!