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MTV Enlists Ed Sheeran And Migos For Their Highly Anticipated TRL Reboot Premiere On October 2nd

TRL (MTV 2017)

MTV today unveiled global star and singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and hip-hop’s hottest multi-platinum trio Migos as the first guests for the highly anticipated “TRL” when they perform live on the Monday, October 2nd premiere.

“TRL” will air LIVE weekdays at 3:30 p.m. ET from MTV’s newly expanded Times Square studio.  “TRL” is hosted by D.C. Young Fly and the TRL squad which includes Tamara Dhia, Amy Pham, Erik Zachary, Lawrence Jackson and content creators such as Liza Koshy and The Dolan Twins.

The daily live show will air from the network’s iconic Times Square studio and become the prime destination for youth culture and a meeting point for millions of fans. The show will integrate linear, social and digital elements and bring teen passion points to life, while continuing to incorporate audience requests.

With the linear property as its anchor, TRL is an always-on content engine for MTV, with the brand extending into multiple digital and social environments. Clips from the main show will be distributed to social media in real time, supplemented by original digital segments, short-form social videos and blog posts. Additionally, there will be an official TRL show on, airing on Mondays and Thursdays.