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Missy Elliott And Pharrell’s “WTF” Success A long Time Coming?

A big shout out is in order for Missy Elliott. The “Work It” rapper and fellow super producer Pharrell Williams had the whole world saying “WTF” with the release of their new music video. As you’ll see when watching, the video opens with a group of New Yorkers singing the tune’s lyrics along with a rotation of dancers doing their thing with Missy across NYC. In fact, the video has been praised for pulling it all off and making it look easy.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on checking it out, the video takes things to a new level with an extended sequence that features marionette versions of both Missy and Pharrell. Like many things, although it looks to be out of nowhere, the “WTF” success of Missy’s new single didn’t happen over night. As reported by Rollingstone, ESPN began quietly giving clips of “WTF” a boost, inner mixing them into commercials for and coverage of the NBA. “WTF” IS Elliott’s first solo effort since 2012’s “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” made with longtime collaborator Timbaland. Both songs were promoted as part of Missy’s follow-up to the 2005 hit album The Cookbook, but an album never materialized.

Despite the delay, the rapper has since stayed busy as a featured guest performer on tracks for stand outs, for artists Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack Ü and Janet Jackson. No other details have been released about Elliott’s yet to be titled project. Producer Timbaland did go on record with Rollingstone about the project saying, “It’s something you ain’t never heard Missy do. It sounds today, but the future.”