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Michael Jordan Kicks His Wedding Night Off With The “Thickeness”: Hat’s Off To Our Buddy Robin On The Way Cool Gig!

Robin Thicke With Michael Jordan

Robin Thicke With Michael Jordan

We wanted to give big congratulations to long time Clizbeats friend Robin Thicke. This past weekend Thicke joined fellow performers Usher, K’ Jon, and MC Lyte as the featured entertainment at basketball great, Michael Jordan’s wedding.  Because we have had the pleasure of having our brand be associated with Thicke since before his rise to fame, this spoke volumes about how far we and all his fans have seen him come.

As childhood fans of M,J and proud early supporters of Robin Thicke, we understand how huge an achievement for his career this is.  Long gone are the days where we need to reference his dad Alan Thicke, or Alan’s Growing Pains character Jason Seaver when eagerly promoting him to friends and family.  Of course this has been that way for quite some time, but what can we say, this was a trip for us.   His latest hit “Blurred Lines” also  shows that he’s still going strong.

If this has got you in the mood to check out more Thickeness, tune in to NBC’s The Voice where he will be joined by Pharrell Williams and T.I., to perform the hit live this May.  We’ll keep you posted on details. Go get em homie!

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