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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson’s daughter called a suicide hotline, and the hotline operator was concerned enough to call 911. Sources told TMZ that in addition to cutting her arm, Paris had taken a large number of Motrin pills. She received “numerous stitches” for the cut.

officials first responded to Paris’ home in Calabasas around 1:30 AM Wednesday morning.

In other Michael Jackson news, Wade Robson is facing obstacles related to his creditors claim that is associated with the latent claim that Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years. Attorney Howard Weitzman stated that the Michael Jackson’s probate was one of the most famous in history, so why didn’t Robson act in accordance to the well known deadline. Weitzman is asking the judge to reject Robson’s claim.