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Men Lie, Women Lie, The Total Earning Numbers For Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Don’t

(Explicit Lyrics In Video Above)

As the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit between Robin Thicke and the family of Marvin Gaye pick up steam, a lot of revealing details have been made public thanks to the trial. In case you missed anything because of being distracted by the tabloid driven drama of Thicke’s separation and divorce from his long time wife Paula Patton, Marvin Gaye’s family sued Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and featured rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris because of how much “Blurred Lines” sounds like, Gaye’s 1977 R&B hit “Got to Give It Up.” This resulted in the court mediated debate on whether the likness of these two songs is proof that Thicke and company infringed on “Got To Give It Up” when making “Blurred Lines.”

Because of consistent coverage from an array of publications that have given a play by play of each aspect of this case, we on lookers learn that there is more than enough speculation to be discussed and evaluated from both sides. While the Gaye family leans on things like several interviews in which Robin publically credits Marvin as an influence on his work, Thicke has reportedly relied on giving physical examples of the differences between the two songs by him pointing the structural differences out in a courthouse concert that featured him playing them both.

Because the case was still being evaluated, its speculation is all we felt comfortable reporting until there was a definitive ruling. However, recent testimony has revealed a complete breakdown of the exact earnings that “Blurred Lines” netted for its participating  performers during its pronominal assault on the charts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both sides do agree with the hip hop based saying, “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” “Blurred Lines” is the most successful single of 2013, netting a total of $16,675,690 for the song’s creative participants to split after Thicke’s label Star Trak/Interscope and its owner/international distributor Universal Music Group got their cut.  Testimony states that Williams walked away with $5,153,457 after Thicke got $5,658,214 and T.I. was paid a sizable$704,774.