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Mariah Carey Meek Mill And Rick Ross Keep On Fighting In “Triumphant (Get Em)” Music Video

Mariah Carey, Meek Mill And Rick Ross in "Triumphant" Music Video

Mariah Carey, Meek Mill And Rick Ross in "Triumphant" Music Video

Singing superstar Mariah Carey has released the music video for her latest single, “Triuphant (Get’em)” featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. That video was filmed on July 29th and 30th in New York City. Just as the song’s lyrics suggest Maybach Music’s Meek Mill is seen as boxer fighting as he is down for the count, but refusing to quit. Rick Ross appropriately resembles who would be Meek’s manager ring side cheering him on in the fight. This is fitting since Ross has been a driving source in Meek’s career, as he brought him to Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros. Records. Mariah is then seen singing along side Ross, and also what could be described as a  sexy boxing promoter.

The boxing theme of the video is a metaphor for staying strong and fighting sadness and hard times. The inspiration for the song’s concept came from a very personal place in her life. In a recent phone press conference Mariah described what was going on in her life when she began writing the song. Carey revealed that she wrote “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” while her husband, Nick Cannon, was hospitalized receiving medical treatment for mild kidney failure, saying “There’s a lot of things you can take from there that can keep you going in a tough situation.” Carey also added that the song was written around the time her friend, singer Whitney Houston, had died. “‘We were actually in the hospital together when we saw it on TV.'[…] It was important for me to write something that would…help me get through the moment. That’s where ‘Stay triumphant, keep on living’ came from.” Nick Cannon’s personal connection was taken a step further with the song’s video, as Cannon directed and produced the video for Mariah. The video first hit VEVO, on August 21st and has already been seen millions of times. “Triumphant” is the first official single from her forthcoming 14th studio album. It features production from her long time collaborator Jermaine Dupri, as well as Bryan-Michael Cox.

Mariah Carey Featuring Rick Ross And Meek Mill

“Triumphant (Get Em)”

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