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Mariah’s Valentine to the World Feb 14, 2008

Mariah’s Valentine to the World Feb 14, 2008

Mariah’s Valentine to the World Feb 14, 2008

By Matt Clizbe

Mariah Carey is getting back in the game and this time, she’s got hit making down to a formula. While there have been times that Mimi has taken to stylistic risks and changes in the past, industry sources say that she is sticking to what has brought her recent success.  Ms Carey will be singing the soft sweet ballads that we all love her for.  Knowing what works for her and having things down to a science, it only seems appropriate that he current album is titled E=MC2.  Some of the other elements added to this equation are the facts that she is reportedly working with Damian Marley, and will have production handled by usual suspects, Jermaine Dupri and Rodney Jerkins.

While I do want to take into account what the press release says because they want to emphasize key facts to promote the project, I have to make clear how surprisingly  impressed I am with the album’s first single, “Touch My Body.”  After listening to it’s eased in balance of intense sexuality and womanhood, I am reminded of the circumstantial honesty that the song presents for Ms Carey.  In the song Mariah is able to capture the core emotional feeling that every woman I’ve known tends to have when it comes to their relationship and sexuality.

The song is lyrical soft core, discussing the joys of an evenly mixed blend of sexual desire, emotional self-esteem and security that any two people guy or girl would want.  It is quite poetic, and a great example of how overt sexuality can be done in a classy way.  No taboos here as far as I’m concerned.  To prove it, listen to the lyrics and see how it makes you feel about that special someone.  Hey media, see what happens when you lay off some one and allow them to get themselves together? It wasn’t that long ago that the tabloids were calling her “Mariah Scary” as she broke down on TRL. After her emancipation, she’s making quality music that empowers women and creates female inspired desire in the bedroom.  How can you be mad at that????  Happy Valentines Day!

Mariah Carey

“Touch My Body”


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