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Madonna Sued In France For Swastika Stunt (Music Video Released At Same Time)

Example of Madonna's French Swastika Controversy

Example of Madonna's French Swastika Controversy

Vet Pop star Madonna has been no stranger to controversy, but this time her controversy seems to be coming with some consequences for the 53 year old material girl.  Last month we reported that the “Turn Up The Radio” singer was part of an international incident when she projected an image of France’s National Front,  political party leader Marine Le Pen.   Now the word has broke that Le Pen is suing her for that stunt.  While panning Madonna, Le Pen made a point to warn Madonna not to bring the infamous footage across French borderlines.  Madonna never being one to adhere to requests of any type of any establishment didn’t listen.

According to reports, Madonna actually screened it for more than 70,000 French concert attendees.  Like in June, Le Pen’s face was superimposed with a swastika before then cutting a resemblance of Adolf Hitler.  A reactionary uproar quickly followed.

“We can’t accept this!” FN vice-president Florian Philippot told French press of what she called a “very serious insult,” adding: “Marine Le Pen is defending her own honor, but also that of the Front National’s members, its supporters and its millions of voters.”

Le Pen specifically reacted through her representatives.  The reps swiftly responded by  filing  “a private plaintiff’s case for public insult” that will be heard in Paris courts.  Madonna’s racist impression of Le Pen is fueled by National Front’s past track record of anti-Semitism that reportedly often stemmed from the fact that Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen was a convicted racist and anti-Semite.  For this reason, French anti-racism group SOS Racisme is supporting Madonna’s stance against Le Pen.  The group called the video “resolutely anti-racist and feminist”.

In the face of her party’s racist history, Le Pen has gone on the record with “concerted efforts” to move the party away from the controversial roots built by her father.   That effort won her a reported 20% of France’s votes during the first round of their recent Presidential elections.  Madonna is scheduled to for her next French concert on on August 21st.

Intentionally or not, just as this controversy arose, Madonna has simultaneously released the music video to the third single of her twentieth album, “Turn Up The Radio”.  In the video that was shot in Italy, Madonna is very distinctly hounded by paparazzi and decides to decompress through a joyride and dancing.  We’ve embedded it below for you to view.

Video Of Madonna’s MDNA Tour Of Her “Nobody Knows Me” Interlude  That Features Madonna’s controversial swastika imagery


“Turn Up The Radio”


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