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Love & War: The Life of Daniel Merriweather

Love & War Album cover

Love & War Album cover

As he is preparing to release his debut album, Daniel Merriweather has already opened for music greats like, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake, while also appearing on national television shows like, Late Night with Conan O’Brian. But after teaming up with progressive hip hop producer, Mark Ronson, the trials of the promotional grind has to be an ease compared to the discipline and adversity he juggled growing up.

To read his life story is like reading the premise to a musical drama.  Daniel grew up with a natural talent for music.  While he credit’s his voice as his first instrument, he was able to play the violin at the age of 3.  By the time Daniel was 13 he had taught himself how to technically understand music by ear, and was holding concerts in his native Australia.

As Merriwather grew so did his troubles.  For undisclosed reasons, Merriwather began a habit of regularly fighting, and eventually dropped out of school.  Soon after having realities of life hit him, his voice and musical talent was once again his salvation. His voice carried him beyond his set backs to sign to an eventual joint venture between indie label’s Marlin Records and Mark Ronson’s Allido Records. Ronson who is famous for producing several British pop standouts like Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Lilly Allen, and others befriended Maryweather, and made sure his career went into higher gear.

Teaming up with Ronson seems to be the best thing to happen to him and his muscal ambtions. From that point on he went from working at KFC as a high school drop out, to being back on the musical path of his youth. The support structure Ronson provided was even there for him when he had to face the discovery of polyps on his vocal cord, and had to face the possibility of never singing again. Ronson and his established position in the music industry provided Daniel the structure that has been his guiding light that got him from respected vocalist aimlessly floating amongst the Australian music scene, to be streamlined into making his own debut album due for release in the US on January 10th.

Daniel Merriweather Featuring Wale


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Alido/J. Records/RMG
Daniel Merriweather feat . Wale ‘Change’

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