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“Love Me Harder” Duet Takes Ariana Grande And The Weekend’s Careers To New Sexy Places

Ariana Grande And The Weekend on Saturday Night Live

Ever since Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande started getting noticed for her soulful voice when she developed more and more of a presence in the music industry, she has drawn many comparisons to Pop/R&B icon, Mariah Carey. Ariana’s naturally soulful and sometimes-sassy delivery partnered with an occasional Hip Hop collaboration has made her the latest Pop star with urban crossover appeal. Also like MC before her, Ari, does a fine job at walking a very fine line of recording songs with swagger, and making worldwide hits that become timeless classics by appealing to the masses.

That tradition has continued strongly on her second album, My Everything. Ariana is coming of her third consecutive top 5 hit in the US  (including “Problem”, which topped multiple charts in the US) Each one of those had her dabbling in the Pop versions of a variety of different genres. With “Problem” and “Bang Bang”, we heard her lending her voice to two different styles of Hip Hop inspired Pop, while “Break Free” allowed her to step into new territory of EDM with Zedd. Now the album’s new single, will help her solidify her soulful sound with a powerful duet in the Neo-Soul genre. That duet is with her Republic Records label mate, acclaimed R&B singer, The Weekend. Their song is the sexy tune, “Love Me Harder”, and it is a tune that is loved by the record industry and critics a like.

When Ariana was crafting the songs for My Everything over the summer, Charlie Walk, the Vice President of Republic Records took to Instagram to give the first hints of the collaboration. The photo that praised the artistic talent The Weekend developed for the label was the first to discuss the duet by the caption saying the following.

“When you talk about artist development and pure talent, The Weekend comes to mind. I just heard a duet with a female friend of ours that’s a global smash. Can’t wait for the fall!”

Now that My Everything is released and Ariana’s hits have been released to the world, “Love Me Harder” continued to be the gem on the album that both fans and critics look to as an example of Ariana’s potential as an artist maturing beyond her days on the Victorious soundtracks. Mikael Wood from the LA Times wrote that “Love Me Harder” is a “darker (and more fully realized) R&B jam than anyone probably expected from a 21-year-old singer once known for her endless supply of pastel princess dresses.”

The song got more attention when Ariana and The Weekend gave the first live performance of the song on NBC’s season 42 premiere of Saturday Night Live hosted by Chris Pratt in September. Now Ariana and her team have the music world buzzing for the song once again since they have began sharing pics from the set of the song’s music video! (Check them out below!)

Ariana Grande And The Weekend On Set of "Love Me Harder" Music Video

Ariana Grande And The Weekend On Set of “Love Me Harder” Music Video



Ariana Grande And The Weekend On Set of "Love Me Harder" Music Video

Ariana Grande And The Weekend On Set of “Love Me Harder” Music Video

The song that was predicted to be a “global smash” by Republic Records, just might actually be that! It has everything fans of both Ariana and The Weekend have been waiting for!  Ariana has the mature sound to match her soulful voice, and The Weekend is getting a major boost of exposure to introduce his awesome talent to a larger audience and make him a bigger star. Plus did we mention this was Ariana’s consecutive, single written by blockbuster songwriter, Max Martin? (Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Pink, Taylor Swift, Usher, Nicki Minaj, and countless others)  everything that guy touches turns to gold or platinum! All these reasons are why “Love Me Harder” is one of our favorite Ariana Grande tracks too! If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure you do and hear what you are missing! The lyric video for the song came out on October 18th , see it below and stay tuned for the dark and sexy music video coming soon!

Ariana Grande Featuring The Weekend

“Love Me Harder” (Lyric Video)

From My Everything 

Republic Records

Ariana Grande Featuring The Weekend

“Love Me Harder” 

From Saturday Night Live