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LL Cool J Shares Laughs And Positivity While Reflecting On Hip Hop History With Jimmy Kimmel

LL Cool J On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel has done it again. Last night on his ABC talk show, rapper/actor turned Grammy host LL Cool J sat down for what turned out to be a super funny interview. In addition to talking about the up coming Grammy Awards that are taking place this Sunday, Kimmel talked with LL about touring as a teen star, the lady loving fun it attracted, and how he got that fame in the first place.

In the moments when the jokes were put aside, LL told some personal stories about his journey to fame, describing perseverance in the face of rejection, and how his mother’s early modest investment in his talent made all the difference. That lead to a natural segue of him describing how Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock pointed his talent out to Rick Rubin, who at the time was running his new label Def Jam Productions out of his dorm room. Considering the fact that Def Jam Records’ 30th anniversary is approaching, it serves as an entertaining and light hearted reminder of LL Cool J’s Role as a Hip Hop pioneer.

Check it out for yourself and you’ll see what we’re referring to immediately. His positive energy is infectious, refreshing, and smart. Enjoy!


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