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Listen to RZA’s Moving Tribute to Paul Walker

Paul Walker

In a tragic accident over the holiday weekend, actor Paul Walker was killed in a single-car crash in Valencia, CA. Wu-Tang member and prolific music producer RZA has just put up a demo of the song “Destiny Bends”, an elegiac ballad dedicated to the actor whom he met while working on the movie Brick Mansion. Listen to the track below.  and read the note posted along with it below:

To Read RZA’s personal note reflecting on the song, and its inspiration, Click here.



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  1. Goodbye Paul Walker!

    I said goodbye to you today.
    In my quick and very sudden way.
    A hidden tear was shed.

    Empty chair, an unspoken reminder of you.
    Great pain of so many goodbyes.

    You joined the others who paved the way for you.
    The leader, the song-man.
    The one who decided that he’d just had enough.
    Saying farewell to you all has been so tough.

    Those of us left behind, keep your memory alive.
    Working hard every day to help others survive.
    I try not to wake you, for there is no time.
    When trying to divide eight hours by nine.
    Chair no longer empty, a new soul to tend.
    Hidden tears suppressed.
    A new beginning to the end.
    Someone is waiting for me,
    Someone is alive today and will make a film, because film is my place and role.
    Sometimes we cry cause we can’t save them all,
    God sometimes won’t let us interfere when he calls.
    A baby’s first breath when he looks at me,
    The joy of my first delivery.
    The tear i wipe a way with my own hands,
    Very quickly and suddenly came the end of my life. Fast and furious. Just as in an episode in the movie” Fast & Furious “.
    The night seems so dark and the morning so bright.
    Who will i save ?
    Who will hold my hand during their last breath and without fear on my way to the kingdom of heaven?

    Who will enter this world of mine so sudden and rapid and severe shift?
    As a father, as an actor and mostly as a friend on set?
    Who? Who? Who?

    Rest in peace!!!

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