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Justin Timberlake Helps Jimmy Fallon Get Ratings High For First Week OF “Tonight”

Jimmy Fallon With Justin Timberlake On NBC’s Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,

The Numbers for Jimmy Fallon’s first week as host of NBC’s “Tonight” Show are in, and he’s a hit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fallon averaged 8.5 million viewers per episode, nearly doubling the show’s to date average from the prior season. This made this past week the most watched week for the network since the show Cheers’ final week in 1993. He even got a boost on Friday’s show, which THR credits Justin Timberlake for.

That boost in ratings paid off big time for audiences that were eager to see something exciting. When Justin was introduced by Jimmy, the two launched into the performance of the 5th installment of their “History Of Rap” music montage skit before even saying two words to each other. It was the smash fans were waiting for, and it was live on “Tonight”’s You Tube channel before the actual broadcast was completed for the east coast. Since that posting, the clip alone has gotten well over 4 million views to date.

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