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JT, Jamie, And T.I. Are Winners

Ever since appearing  on Kanye West’s album in 2004, Jamie Foxx has been able to move seamlessly between movies and music, sampling the likes of Ray Charles in more ways then one In 2009 Jamie Foxx set records with the most successful album of his career as he had the whole world “Blame it” on the alcohol So when word got out that he was planning to release an album this year, more star power was sure to come.  For his 2010  album entitled, “Body” Foxx has just that.  Released to radio this week is “Winner”, featuring Justin Timberlake and the recently unencaserated  TI. The funny thing is, that despite Foxx’s star power , his new lead single  “Winner” was born out of the fact that he didn’t have enough in his corner.  It is rumored that he specifically asked Timberlake to put his vocals on the JT produced track because he needed some of that in his life.  “Winner” was actually leaked on Clear Channel stations like our local Philly Hip Hop staple station, Power 99 FM, and blogs several music blogs on the web  months ago.  The only problem with that as far as eager new music fans should be concerned, the song wasn’t done!  More then likely Timberlake wasn’t done putting his influence of Foxx’s track.  Odds are JT enlisted his