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Jonas Brothers: A Deeper Look Feb 21, 2008

Jonas Brothers- A Deeper Look Feb 21, 2008

Jonas Brothers: A Deeper Look Feb 21, 2008

By: Matt Clizbe

As you may or may not know, our slogan and motto around the  office is,  “covering the world of music for all the right reasons.”

While that may come off to be a very punk rock statement, we are clearly not.  Clizbeats as an organization is very proud to deal with music that often has the proper balance between commercialism and art, because having one without

the other is usually just too much to handle.  If a band or artist is 100% widget, they are often junk outside of being a possible novelty. On the other hand, if you are dedicated to your art, but aren’t open enough to do what it takes to develop it so that it is consumable on a lager scale, the chances of your success are often limited and slim.  None of us in the business, including Clizbeats can be in that ideal center between these two extremes all the time. So with that said when someone does swerve on their path of artistry, we must remind ourselves to not count them out completely when it comes to being taken seriously.  The best recent example of this are the Disney Rop/Rockers, The Jonas Brothers.

The momentum that is The Jonas Brothers machine, really started to pick up speed between 2006 and 2007 as one of the many fresh faced kiddy groups regularly rotated through the pop music conveyer belt that is, radio Disney.  Along with favorable radio play, the guys, like most any other Hollywood Records act, would also get targeted video air play on The Disney Channel.  Naturally, this got them an amazing fan base of adoring teens and tweens.  To move with the mood of Mickey Mouse, the guys became most know for their covers of famous Disney Classics  like, The Little Mermaid’s “Poor Unfortunate  Souls,” and The Jungle Book’s “I Wanna Be Like You.”  Although it is very strange to listen to cartoon classics I was raised on being sung in a nasally emo type of tone, it struck the right cord. The Disney cover songs bridged a gap for the guys to see success with the modern Pop/Rock that was more their style as young music lovers.  It was then that the guys were starting to really get a crucial balance of art and commerce that I mentioned.

After gaining a better idea of their personal identity as a band, the guys continued with covers, but this one was a little on the obscure side, and much more refreshing.  The guys came out with “Year 3000”, (originally by Busted) (Originally on their Columbia Records debut) and later an original called”Kids Of The Future” on the Meet The Robinsons Soundtrack. The melodically catchy tracks had a pleasant grin-able sound to them. They led the way for some of their Pop/Rock love tunes like, “Hold on,” and “S.O.S “that had the perfect blend of light hearted teen fun and veteran song writing.

After taking notice to this, I became inspired to write about them today.  If you happen to be part of the large music buying public that couldn’t really give a damn about Disney Channel, it may have been hard for you to give these guys a fair chance, even if you’ve heard of them.  It is on that note that I call to your attention, the song, “When You Look Into My Eyes.”

While certain aspects of their past work can be considered very dismissible depending on how old you are, this song is the purest of proofs of their ever budding artistry.

I can say knowing better then most, that even singers who are now considered to be acceptional song writers, occasionally were given material to churn out that fit them early in their career.With that said, other then the exception of their covers, Jonas Brothers do an exemplary job penning their infectious mood moving tunes that rival the likes of Bon Jovi, Chris Daughtry, or Nickleback.  “When You Look Me In The Eyes” is the best to come so far.  Written as a family effort by all Jonas’, including their father, “When You Look Me In The Eyes” was written about a fondly remembered childhood friend.  Considering the song was actually first recorded when the guys were in their childhood, it does raise the question as to what inspired such an emotionally mature song at such a young ages.  As the guy’s grew the song’s subject was seen to have a timeless quality to it, and possibly a deeper value to them as they grow into adulthood.  I sincerely applaud The Jonas Brothers, and encourage those of you who may have written them off to give them a second look.  I promise, you’ll find the tune (“When You Look Into My Eyes”) stuck in your head by mid listen.

Great job guys. Great Job.

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“When You Look Me In The Eyes”

By Jonas Brothers

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