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John Mayer’s “Battle Studies”

John Mayer

John Mayer

One of the best guitarists of our generation, John Mayer is preparing to return with his highly anticipated new album! The new record entitled, Battle Studies will be released on his long time label set up between Aware Records, LLC and Columbia Records. After the release of his 2006 album, Continuum John has commented on several of his blog posts that his next album will be taken in an entire new musical direction. This involves John reinventing his production, mixing, song writing and even album art process.

While John promises the album’s approach will be different, the producers stay the same. John is the only producer contributing to the album’s direction and the only other personel who will voice their opinions will be Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino.of the John Mayer Trio. (with the exception of Taylor Swift who is featured) Pino and Steve will be contributing on bass and drums. The first single from this set is called “Who Says”, which marks as John’s thirteenth single released to radio. “Who Says” was officially sent to radio yesterday, October 6th, 2009. John recently published, Battle Studies track listing, which are as follows:

John Mayer’s Battle Studies (Tracks subject to change)

Aware/Columbia Records

“Heartbreak Warfare”

“Half of My Heart” (feat. Taylor Swift)

“Friends, Lovers or Nothing”

“War of My Life”

“Who Says”


“Taking on Water”

“Perfectly Lonely”

“All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye”

“Let a Man Be Lost”

“Cry and Yaw

John Mayer

From Battle Studies

Aware/Columbia Records

(Produced By John Mayer & Steve Jordan)