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Joe Jonas’ New Single “Just In Love”

Joe Jonas "Fastlife" Hollywood Records

Joe Jonas "Fastlife" Hollywood Records

Pop star/actor, Joe Jonas recently released the second music video for his upcoming solo debut album, Fastlife. The video was for a rhythmic R&B/Pop inspired song called, “Just in Love.” The song describes the mixture of different emotions and feelings felt when you discover a spark and realize you are, “just in love.”. This song is a great example of Joe’s recent efforts to show a more mature image with his music as a solo artist.

“Just In Love” follows Fastlife’s lead single, the Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy co-written single, “See No More.” Like “See No More” before it produced by Brian Kennedy, “Just In Love” enlists the talent of another well known producer on the verge of becoming a star in his own right. The track was produced by Los Angeles producer, Rob Knox. Rob is best known for his collaborative production with singer/songwriter/producer/actor, Justin Timberlake in his production group, The Y’s,

With his song writing partner, James Fauntleroy II, Knox has collaborated on notable Timberlake songs such as, “Dead And Gone” from T.I., “Love Sex Magic” from Ciara, and many others. Away from Timberlake Knox and Fauntleroy have also produced various tracks with, production group, The Underdogs. Fauntleroy had a hand in writing Chris Brown’s 2008 hit, “Take You Down”, as well as his duet with American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, “No Air.”  Recently Fauntleroy played a role in writing and performing on Diddy-Dirty Money’s collaboration with Justin Timberlake,”Shades.” Now that tradition of co-writing with big names continues!

“Just In Love” was co-written by Joe Jonas with help from James Fauntleroy II and Rob Knox. It was then also produced by Knox as well. Rob Knox has worked closely with Joe during Fastlife’s creation, and has worked on multiple songs with him. Other notable co-writer/producers for the album include Danja and Claude Kelly.

With Rhythmic production style from producers that have had success with R&B style song writing, Fastlife is a clear departure from the Teen Pop/Rock on Joe’s previous work with his brothers. Joe has described the project as an upbeat record that fits its title. Last Month Joe discussed the album’s title, Fastlife and the meaning behind it in an MTV interview.

“I think my life has been so crazy busy for the past year and a half, and I kind of wanted to show people a little bit more of what my life is about, bring them into it a little bit more, so that’s been a fun experience.” Fastlife is due for release on October 11th from Hollywood Records. Joe is currently on a co-headlining tour with Jay Sean!

Joe Jonas

“Just In Love”

From Fastlife

Hollywood Records


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