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Jesse McCartney Talks With ‘Body Language’

Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney

Pop Singer/Song writer/actor, Jesse McCartney has a hot new single that is sure to make you move your ‘body’. As you may remember his 2008 album, Departure was “recharged” and re-released early this year thanks to the success of a remix of the song “How Do You Sleep” featuring Ludacris. This gave Jesse the long awaited more mature image he had been searching for as a Pop star growing into adulthood and an accomplished song writer. Hollywood Records did not only re-release Departure with the Ludacris remix, but it also featured Jesse’s version of the smash hit, “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, in which Jesse actually co-wrote with Ryan Tedder! Departure Recharged has even more of an Urban Music feel, and also features acclaimed R&B song writer, Sean Garrett!

Jesse’s recharge shows no signs of dying as Hollywood just released the second single from the new Departure set. The song is another remix, this time the song is “Body Language”. The song references Jesse’s previous breakthough hit, “Leavin'” and features Hip Hop/R&B star, T-Pain!  The video is pretty hot  Check it out here!

Jesse McCartney Featuring T-Pain

“Body Language”

From Departure Recharged

Hollywood Records