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President Obama Shouts Out Janelle Monàe On CNN At Campaign Event In Chicago

Janelle Monae and President Obama

Janelle Monae and President Obama

It’s always nice to see a Clizbeats Featured artist reach the highest hight of fame.  In some ways you can’t get any bigger than when the leader of the free world not only knows who you are, but gives you a shout out on CNN.  In this case we smile even bigger perhaps, because this time it was for Janelle Monae. We know from personal experience that not only is she super talented, but she is also a very smart and kind person that has always been very gracious with any of her many fans. She has always placed credibility, artistic vision, and quality above many of the trappings about in today’s industry.  We are sincerely pleased to continually see her reach this standard with everything she does.

Mr. Obama couldn’t be in better company.  See the shout out below.  If you need context behind Janelle’s story, please take a listen to our bio interview conducted in 2008. Enjoy!

Barack Obama Shouts out Janelle Monae On CNN