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Indie Performer Uses Youtube To Get Cast On Glee

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Performing since the young age of 8 years old has molded former American Idol contestent and current indie entertainment professional  Todrick Hall into one of today’s most driven and seasoned performers to try blaze their own trail in the business. Todrick has traveled the world as a featured performer for cruse ships, Disney Land and Disney World, and even performed in High School Musical 2.  His hard work has gotten him the spotlight of performing in high profile shows like Radio City’s world famous Christmas Spectacular and the Oprah Winfrey produced Broadway play, The Color Purple.  That being said, these achievements  don’t compare to  Todrick’s  biggest hunger.  As indicated in his  Youtube, he wants to be on Glee!

According to what we found online the story goes as follows.  After learning that the show’s producers were looking to cast an African American male for the role of a new character for season 3, Todrick took it upon himself to use Youtube to submit a publicly circulated video letter/performance audition to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. The difference is this Youtube video is so much more than a “Youtube video”. This video it was a clearly a fully scripted and choreographed high quality video production with Todrick’s own original song, simply titled, “I Wanna Be On Glee”.  The combination of Todrick’s obvious skills as an entertainer, and the production vision of video director Ethan Newberry has created something truely fantastic that is sure to stand out.

Todrick, we don’t cast for Glee, but we all feel that if for some reason you don’t get the role you want so very badly, you deserve a very clear and honest answer as to why.  Very rarely does someone actually go above and beyond the way you have to achieve their dream.  You have done something special with this video, and we love your willingness to put yourself out there, and just go for it!  We salute you sir.  Good Luck!

See Todrick’s video below.

Todrick Hall

“I Wanna Be On Glee”