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Indie Artist Spotlight: Signal City

Signal City is a Los Angeles based an alternative-rock/pop band formed in 2013. The band features front-man and lead vocalist Cameron Boyer, lead Guitarist Cameron Olsen, bassist Brennen Bates and drummer Cole Carson. Members of the band have been performing on stage, TV and film since 5 years of age and are award-winning, professionally trained vocalists and musicians as well as song writers.

Their last EP which debuted in 2014 was compromised of songs co-written and co-produced with Simon Katz (Youngblood Hawke/Universal Publishing). FUSE TV described the lead song on this self- titled EP as follows: “The simple, jolting chorus of Fortune is anthemic and similar to alt hits like Fun’s Some Nights and We Are Young, putting the band in very good company”. BUZZ FEED declared, “Fans of Passion Pit and Walk the Moon will love Signal City’s musical drive, passion, and unique sound…..”

In 2015, Signal City began writing and recording new music for a full album release scheduled to drop this Fall. Some of the new songs are collaboration efforts with Larzz Principato and Denis Lipari (Halsey – New Americana, Oh Honey, Cash Cash) who are Warner/Chappell contract writers. These latest songs dig deeper into the alt-rock genre with more ambience and elements of an 80’s inspired production.

Cameron Boyer, Signal City front man, describes the band’s new direction and overall aesthetic as “an experimentation with more haunting or dark and unique synths and rhythms than in the past. Our lyrics on our new songs can be personally invasive, painfully honest, and yet at other times we may hide our personal feelings in little metaphors to draw our fans more into our music. We wanted to take risks on being more unique and push ourselves out of our comfort zone but still feel cool with it all”.

The 2015 collaborations and showcases within the music industry have indicated “Signal City’s strong vocals and overall song presentation are highlighted by catchy guitar-rifts and melodies backed solid, unique rhythms resulting in melodies that can get stuck in your head for days”. Together with 10 time Grammy-nominated, iconic engineer Mark Needham (Ball Room Studios) fulfilling mixing duties and Charlie Park (Suburban Soul Studios) co-producing, Signal City is creating their most discerning and carefully molded songs to date.

The band wrote two songs for the independent, award-winning, feature film Mary Loss of Soul (one used as a movie ending and closing credits theme song and the second used in a trailer). The band has also played countless, in some cases sold-out shows, at all the infamous Hollywood venues with their largest shows having been at The Club Nokia (2,300) and the Long Beach Convention Center (15,000). Additionally, Signal City performed an on stage duet with Apl.De.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas, was the youngest indie-rock/pop band ever to perform the national anthem at the Staples Center for the Los Angeles Lakers (19,000), and performed at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, Echo Park Rising and Teen Hoot. In June 2015, Signal City was a guest band on the Epilepsy Foundation Netathon (800,000 global streaming views) hosted by TV/Film celebrity Greg Grumberg.

Signal City’s music has been in rotation on iHeart Radio’s Socially Sound, Hype Radio, Indie Followback ‘Music Mondays’ and 2RDJ-FM ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Sydney, Australia, where the band charted two #1’s and two #2’s and was voted #3 2013 “Artist of the Year”.

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