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Indie Artist Spotlight: Nytrix

Nitric Featuring Dev “Electric Walk” From Beyond Tomorrow Records

Nytrix makes his musical debut with his powerhouse single “Take Me Higher”. The record gets a total remix treatment from one of the worlds biggest DJ’s R3hab. Nytrix is a 22 year old singer/producer/DJ, based in Los Angeles. Since he was 5, he has been taking singing and music lessons. In high school he studied performing arts intensely and would go to recording studios to record songs he made from loops on garageband. During the summers as a young teen, he lived in NYC with an older cousin, auditioning for parts and hunting down producers and record executives to work with. Pop and dance music was always what he gravitated towards but it wasn’t until (at 15) he snuck into a dance club and heard major synths pouring through the speakers, he wanted to make his own records that would be played in clubs someday. After high school he moved out to Los Angeles alone to take his career more seriously, and self taught himself the skills of music software programs like Ableton, how to write melodies for vocal leads, and spin records on CDJ’s and pioneer boards.
After spending a few years developing records and making an unimaginable amount of sounds, songs and demos, he finally honed in on his powerful engaging sound and thus blasted his debut single “Take Me Higher” to #7 on the Billboard Dance Chart in the U.S. Following the debut single, Nytrix caught the attention of international singer/rapper DEV (Like a G6, Bass Down Low, In The Dark) and they created their collaborated record “Electric Walk” which gets major DJ support by a remix from international DJ’s Blasterjaxx.


“Take Me Higher”

From Beyond Tomorrow Records

When I was first creating the track “Electric Walk” it stemmed from the idea of becoming your inner bad ass self.  I always imagine the video before I make any track.  For this song, I  imagined people coming home from there day to day life, and putting on the coolest clothes and stepping out into the night as there inner wild selves.  Pounding the pavement, and not looking back.

I knew exactly the voice and attitude for the track and no one is cooler than Dev to me.  She’s been one of my biggest music inspirations since I moved out to LA and really went after a music career.  I find her to be the type of artist that people just feel so cool listening to and I knew she would bring that inner bad ass out of people when they would listen to the track, and people have been responding to it, especially from all the different remixes.  Blasterjaxx, Ookay, Jump Smokers and Petey Clicks all brought out different elements and vibes to the vocal performance.

Nytrix Featuring Dev 

“Electric Walk” (Explicit)

From Beyond Tomorrow Records