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Indie Artist Spotlight MY PLASTIC SUN

Image From My Plastic Sun

Although relatively new to the music scene, indie-rockers My Plastic Sun have caught the eye (and ears)  of a number of major international media outlets, USA TODAY and SIRIUS XM SATELLITE RADIO, among them. Due to a growing social media campaign waged by fans of the band, the group has been featured in USA TODAY

who premiered its new music video (  and SIRIUS XM who has invited the group to perform live in its studios on Monday February 24th.
The satellite radio network (which has over 20 million subscribers) has been playing the band’s new song, “Couldn’t Love You More,”  in regular rotation  on its Coffee House channel.
 In addition, the band has been getting a steady stream of rave reviews from music publications and online blogs, including the UK’s GivePopAChance. com site, who said: “The band have a sense of rock ‘n’ roll tenderness that recalls Blur circa 1999 and dare-I-say The Beatles. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.”
“The fact that we are getting this kind of response and invitations from international media outlets without the support of any record label or  radio promotion firm tells us
there is really something going on here,”  says drummer  Roy Stein.  “ We didn’t engineer any of this, it has happened naturally and organically.  The reaction to our music has been sincere, and that is what is exciting us the most.”
Adds lead vocalist/ guitarist/ keyboardist Johnny Cummings: “This is the first band we have all been involved in where all we cared about was just getting the music right. We felt if we could do that, the rest would fall into place, and so far, that is starting to happen.”
The members of My Plastic Sun are an eclectic group of musicians.  The band’s bassist, Kyle Vock, is a recent graduate of the Masters Program in Jazz Bass Performance from the Eastman School of Music, and is fluent on electric and upright bass in both classical and jazz music. Drummer Roy Stein a Music Business professor and J.D. (Doctor of Law) started his career in the early days of punk rock and vividly remembers what it was like to have eggs pelted at the band by the “traditional rockers” who resented the new style – and the huge crowds the band drew.  22-year-old guitarist, Sam Snyder, plays in an unorthodox overhand style, hence the nickname, “Overhand Sam.” Lead singer/keyboardist/guitarist/ukulele/trumpet player, Johnny Cummings, has perfect pitch and can play hundreds of songs from the 30’s to present day by request on either piano or guitar. Keyboardist Josh Forget just graduated from Nazareth College with a degree in Piano performance. Although only 23 years old he has written a string quartet piece that recently premiered in the Highscore Music Festival in Pazia, Italy.
The band is currently engaged on multiple fronts playing numerous live shows while also spending time in the recording studio finishing off their first full length CD. 2014 is gonna be a very busy and promising year for My Plastic Sun. One of the band’s songs was just placed in a major indie film, “Guten Tag Ramon” and several of the band’s songs will be featured in the new daytime series, “Tainted Dreams”.
My Plastic Sun 
“Give It All Away”

My Plastic Sun 
“Couldn’t Love You More”

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