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Indie Artist Spotlight: Ashley Poole

Ashley Poole “If It Feels Right” Dear Summer Records

Ashley Poole’s introduction to the global pop scene was made as a member of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, Dream. The multi-platinum pop sensation became a worldwide phenomenon as the group went gold with their hit single, “He Loves U Not”, leading the group to the #2 position on Billboard and driving Dream’s international popularity to an all-time high.

The all-American girl rooted from the small desert town of Blythe, California began her professional music career at the young age of twelve with the Bad Boy/Arista Records recording group, “Dream”. Poole stood out individually with her own style & sound.

Shortly after the group went their separate ways, Ashley continued to grow, musically, into her new sound and began her solo journey as a songwriter. Helping to co-write “I am Not Perfect” from the Dance Mom Soundtrack and being featured in “King Of My Life” from top selling European group Psy 4, Poole is on her way back to the top in 2013. With a new album in the making, Poole is storming the music industry with a new debut single “If It Feels Right.” The talented pop star is once again center stage with her self-written songs and style that will captivate America. With her passion for music and individuality, Poole is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Ashley Poole

“If It Feels Right”

Dear Summer Records

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