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Bizzy Crook

Bizzy Crook

Born Lazaro Camejo in 1991, Bizzy always knew he was destined for musical success. Raised in Miami, he got early inspiration for his musical career when, at the age of six, his cousin brought him a CD that would change his life forever—the 2000 Grammy Nominees, featuring Eminem’s “My Name is…”

Bizzy was fascinated with the dexterous wordplay and furiously fast-paced delivery; he put the song on repeat, turned to his cousin and said, “I want to be a rapper when I grow up.” A less-than-enthusiastic response from his family left Bizzy disappointed but undeterred. He made it his personal mission to give his new-found passion his all. “It bummed me out, but didn’t really change my mind,” says Bizzy, and his love for the music soon drove him to start writing his own cleverly conceived, albeit juvenile, lyrics. “My first song was off a Ray-J beat, I found a microphone lying around the house, took my father’s boom box, wrote an entire song, recorded it and played it for my family,” recalls Bizzy, “My mom was surprised by the song, but she was even more amazed that I could work a boom box at such a young age.”

Bizzy began to take his musical career to a new level. “My mother purchased studio equipment to keep me out of trouble; I didn’t know what half of it was. I just thought it looked cool,” he remembers, “When I began to get more focused, my songs began to sound better.” Bizzy drew inspiration from artists such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss, DMX, Ja-Rule and Ludacris. “I marinated on what Jay-Z had to say. How he could talk about everything from growing up in the projects, to popping champagne with his friends and everything in between. The story, the struggle and the success is what I wanted to talk about.”

Bizzy Crook is definitely setting the bar high as he continues to hone his craft. When asked about future goals. Bizzy simply states matter-of-factly, “I plan on branding myself as one of the greatest entertainers that has ever blessed a microphone.” No small feat for most artists, but then again, he isn’t most artists…Bizzy Crook is a winner.

Bizzy Crook

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Bizzy Crook

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