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Idina Menzel & Michael Buble’ Perform “Baby It’s Cold Outside” In Heartwarming Video

Video Still From “Baby It’s Cold Outside” music video Via Warner Bros Records

Remember Idina Menzel from your kid’s favorite Disney movie Frozen? Well, she got even more music for you and the entire fam to play incessantly around the house. Warner Bros records released her brand new holiday music album Holiday Wishes in mid October so that there was enough time for you to make her music part of each and everyone of your holiday celebrations. Sure enough, just as Thanksgiving is approaching, like clockwork she, and WB Records’ reining embodiment of holiday music tradition, Michael Buble’ have released a music video for her Holiday Wishes rendition of the Frank Losser classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

As you’ll see, it features a heartwarming tone of innocent fun that includes a video cast of children, two of which play the song’s narrative roles of Michael and Idina, lip syncing the lyric’s like lines in a play or classic TV special. As you watch it, you’ll see that Michael and Idina make a series of cleverly placed cameos.  For us it was a guaranteed smile of a viewing experience for us, and we’re betting you will enjoy it too.  Check it out below.

Idina Menzel & Michael Buble’

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

From: Holiday Wishes

Warner Bros Records