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#ICYMI: Will And Jada Investigated By LA Child Services Over Willow Smith’s Instagram Pic

Will And Jada Pinkett Smith

Well here’s something that we were honestly not expecting. Radar online is reporting that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are under investigation by Los Angeles’ Child Family Services. The Reason? Well, it all stems back to the instagram picture of Jada and Will’s 13 year old Daughter, “Whip My Hair” singer, Willow Smith, and her 20 year old friend, former Hanna Montana actor, Moises Arias that surfaced earlier this month. As controversy always does, the news of this pic spread like wildfire, and scandal wasn’t far behind.

Willow Smith Instagram Pic

Willow Smith Instagram Pic

Almost immediately reports and editorials followed, questioning Will and Jada’s parenting. As of now Jada has responded to the issue through TMZ, when they stopped her in passing, in a style that only they can. Jada wasn’t happy about the pic scandal, but not for the reason you might assume if you’re a regular blog reader. She blames the media, or in this case, TMZ, for putting a sexual slant on something that was otherwise innocent.

“There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation,” Jada Pinkett Smith said during an interview posted May 8 by TMZ. “You guys are projecting your trash onto it and you’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

Hopefully things are as innocent as Mrs. Smith claims.  The Odds are that this situation isn’t going to end just yet. Keep checking back with as the story develops, just in case you missed it.


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