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#ICYMI: Rihanna Uses Star Power To Help Germany Celebrate World Cup Win!

Screenshot Of Rihanna’s Twitter

As the world cup wrapped last night, German fans all around the world celebrated their team’s victory. Some of them celebrated in bigger style than others! In case you missed it, Pop princess Rihanna tweeted her victorious cheers to her 36.2 million followers. The one big difference between her and the most other German fans, those with, and without massive Twitter followers, was that she used her celeb cool points to celebrate the team’s win with the team themselves.

After very clearly rooting for Germany on Twitter, the singer then used her star power to go hang out with the team and celebrate the big win afterward. She posted several very happy pics of her and the players, hanging, and even showing off her kisses on the cheek to her instagram. She even got to take a shot with Miroslav Klose, While she held the world cup trophy! Not a bad way to flex your celeb muscle Rih Rih! Click here to check out the spread of pics!

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