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(Update) #ICYMI: Why Kanye West Might Actually Be Serious About Running For President In 2020

Kanye West Giving Video Vanguard Acceptance Speech At The 2015 Video Music Awards Via MTV


TMZ has apparently learned that the person that actually owns “” is a 24 year old man named Tramal Ferguson. He has reportedly registered the Kanye domain among sever other “____ for president” domain names with other random recognizablenames like the related Word is that when Yeezus announced his presidency MTV, Tramal received several calls with offers to buy the domain with numbers that run north of $80 thousand.

By now, if you’re anywhere near a TV you’ve seen a recap about the 2015 MTV VMA’s, which undoubtably includes Kanye West’s ramble filled and often over emotional speech, from when he accepted the 2015 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Following his apology  to the seemingly ever gracious Taylor Swift, who he infamously interrupted her winning of video of the year back in 2009, he eventually did a verbal stumble into complaining about award showstaking away from artistic expression.  As he grew more confident, basking in the spotlight of his moment, the rapper/producer transitioned into a verbal blurring that implored the show’s millions of viewers to prioritize their focus on “ideas bro.”  West then admitted that he smoked a lil something to take the edge off before declaring that he he would run for president in 2020.

We, as many others probably did, dismissed this as foolishness. However, one of the biggest stories to come in the wake of this spectacle, is that Kanye West just might have been serious.  CNN’s Brian Steelier tweeted that the slogan “Kanye for President” was registered earlier this year. If you consider the fact that similar media spectacle like Donald Trump is currently leading leading the republicans primaries by 23% for the 2016 presidential election, who knows how unexpected things will get by  2020. Don’t forget, he’s a Kardashian by marriage, and is already at a Trump level of denial about the consequences of his behavior.  This cocktail of blind ambition, inflated sense of self-worth, and well placed public positioning, will surly make for a 21’st century Kennedy-like dynasty that the reality TV generation can be proud of.  Watch the speech below and see if you agree. Cheers!

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